Thursday, March 29, 2012

Disney Store's 25th Anniversary

March 28th was not just the Disney Store's 25th Anniversary - it was also my 4th wedding anniversary!
Lord Hill and I celebrated like any normal Disney loving couple would have - by doing the Disney Store Hop!

We got to our local store at about 9:30AM expecting a crowd, especially since it's one of the largest malls in America. We were shocked when there were only 10 or of us there until around 9:55 when the crowd reached it's max of maybe 30 people. This was good news for us since only the first 250 people were going to get the limited edition Mickey ears. Hubby and I both got a set!

It was my first time getting to see the opening ceremony and it was so cute! We had been chatting with the little girl who was chosen since we got there and her guardian was nice enough to let me record the ceremony so I could show all of you! (I'm sorry the video is sideways, I did not record it that way so I'm not sure how or why that happened!)

Afterwards hubby and I did some shopping and picked up the 25th Anniversary Vinylmation. I'll take a good photo of the one we picked later on, but for now you can enjoy these stock photos from the Disney website.

We also played some fun trivia games and won some cute prizes!

This was not the end of our Disney themed anniversary. When we got home Lord Hill gave me my gift and boy did he do good! Yup! That is a Disney Dooney and Bourke bag along with a Dooney and Bourke credit card holder (which I have decided is my new business card holder)
He also gave me an amazing Precious Moment that is so perfectly "us" that it literally made me all teary when I opened it.

We actually wound up going to another local Disney Store later in the day after going out for an amazing breakfast/lunch but before heading to the movies to see The Hunger Games.

Did any of you attend the Anniversary festivities today? Was it worth the time and energy? Did any of you try to get there for the ears but then wound up being too late to get them? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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