Friday, August 19, 2011

Disney Flashback Friday: My mom kissed another man at Disney!

A few years ago my parents did the unthinkable. That's right, they went to Walt Disney World, and they didn't take me with them!! They did however take their grandchildren. I was devastated and jealous beyond belief. I "got over it" but it always bugged me b/c Disney was "our" thing. Anyway, I am now officially over it, b/c I understand why it went down like this. My mom didn't want me to see her kiss someone other than my father, especially not in public. She didn't want to put me through the visual confirmation of the love affair I had guessed years earlier. Well, she should have done a better job at hiding the evidence!!

My mom, and her love, Eeyore. She even took her glasses off for him!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

EPCOT Food & Wine: Passport to A World of Flavors

Look what came in the mail today!
I was excited and sad all at the same time since I will be missing F&W by less than a week this year.
I love that it came with a festival guide map so when I'm there I can pretend like I'm at the festival.
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Brian Wilson Disney Cover Album!

I'm very excited about this story. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys is going to do a cover album of songs from Disney movies! I love Disney, (duh!) and I love Brian Wilson so the combination excites me.
You can read the full article from USA Today HERE.

According to the article he will be doing songs from Snow White, Toy Story 3, and even a hint of the YoHo theme song from the Pirates of the Caribean ride. Two of the songs I am most excited about are Baby Mine from Dumbo and I Just Can't Wait to be King from The Lion King.

If you were to record an album of Disney songs, which songs would make your track list??

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peach Monorail Announced for Walt Disney World

Disney has announced that they will be adding a new train this fall. This will bring the total number of trains in their fleet back up to 12. They have not had 12 trains since the deadly crash back in 2009 where a monorail pilot was killed when 2 trains colided.

The train will be tested in the next few weeks, without the stripe. The stripe will be added once everything checks out and they know the train operates correctly.

Hopefully this will help ease some of the delays on the monorail system. On our last trip DH and I had more issues with the monorail than any other form of transportation. This announcement comes a few weeks after Disney announced the change in monorail service during Extra Magic Hours.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Disney Flashback - May 1988

While going through photographs at my parents' house I came across a few that I thought you might enjoy. I thought it was an interesting coincidence that I came across the Flashback Friday blog hop the same day I started scanning the photos, so it was a sign that I had to post them. I hope you enjoy them! I realize it isn't Friday anymore, but I hope that doesn't matter.

These are from a family trip back in 1988. I was 5 and already in love with Figment.

I also loved Dumbo. I still think that he is far to often overlooked as a classic Disney icon.
I still have to scan the rest of the photos, so be sure to check back for future trips to the past.

Jim Lewis Fired From Disney Vacation Club

The Orlando Sentinel has confirmed the rumor that has been flying around message boards since last night.
Jim Lewis has indeed been let go from the Disney Company.
You can read the article here.

Jim Lewis had been the president of the Disney Vacation Club since 2006. According to the ever reliable internet message boards, it appears that many things may have contributed to his dismissal from the company.

The internet seems to think it was because of the mess up with Aulani. Disney apparently started selling the timeshare units before all of the paperwork was filed correctly and one can only assume that as the President of the division, Jim Lewis either knew about it and let it happen anyway, or didn't pay close enough attention and let it happen anyway.

Since I don't know him, or have any insider information, I will not be speculating as to why this happened.

The thing that really matters, is what happens next? Will this mean good things for DVC members and cast members who have demonstrated a decline in satisfaction over the past few years? Or does it just mean a new name/face with the same "problems"?

Disney says they will announce his replacement soon.

Do you think this is a good move on Disney's part? I'd love to hear your opinion and get feedback from other DVC members and Disney fans in general.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Adventures in eBay - The Figment Edition

My eBay addiction strikes again! This time I have only won 2 auctions so far so it's not as good or bad lol as it could be.

I have had my eye on this for quite a while now. I spent more than I would have liked, but less than I have seen it go for in the past so I'm not too upset about it. I'll be much more excited when I see it in person. It comes new in the box....
(photo from

This next pin, I just saw for the first time and I'm very excited about it. I got it for a decent price, and I can't wait to add it to my collection. It glows in the dark!!

I almost forgot, I won a few other auctions a few weeks back. Also for a Figment pins. 

I've wanted this one for a while but kept getting outbid by 50 cents to a dollar each time. It was very frustrating. Lucky for me though b/c I got this for less than my normal max bid.
(Photo from

This pin is part of the Annual Passholder 40th Anniversary Collection. I am a passholder, unfortunately I was not in Disney when this pin was released and I knew that it wouldn't be available by the time I got back so I bought it from an eBay seller that I use for all of my Disney Park needs.

There are so many awesome Figment things posted on the Disney Parks blog that are supposed to be coming out this summer and fall. I have yet to see any of them though. I can only hope this means they will be available when I am there in September. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I will post information about those items in a future blog post. 

Do you collect Disney pins? Do you ever purchase them on eBay?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Disney Dooney & Bourke

I am SO excited to share my latest score with all of you.

I know that D&B is now available on the Disney Shopping website, but to me it will always be park exclusive merchandise. So, imagine my surprise while walking through the local Dooney & Bourke outlet when I spot this beauty up on the shelf!

Needless to say, I was even more excited when I saw the 40% off sign and was told that I could also use my 20% off coupon on top of that.
My hubby is amazing, and quickly did a google search and checked the Disney website to make sure it was the best price I could get for it. (It was!) I was trying to decide between this one, and the smaller version that as of right now is still available on the Disney website, HERE. Normally, I'd go for the smaller bag, and the smaller price tag, but WOW, the deal I was getting on this large style, combined with the fact that I already own a Disney D&B Tassle bag, three key features of the bag made it impossible for me to pass it up.

#1 - This bag is lined. The other was not. The lining is actually very very nice. See?

#2 - Also visable in the above photo, is the fact that this bag has an inside zippered pocket.

#3 - I LOVE that the bottom of this bag has little "feet" that keep the fabric of the bag from touching the ground. I don't know why, but it makes me happy.
I also like that the shape of the bag can change to accomoddate larger items like my iPad easier if I need to by unsnapping the sides.

Total cost after taxes? $114.00

How do you get the same deal? If your local Dooney & Bourke outlet is in a Tanger outlet mall, use one of their 20% off coupons stacked on the sale price. The only catch is that once you use a coupon, all sales become final. (But who would return an awesome Disney D&B bag anyway, right??)

I also purchased 2 other items while there, but you'll have to wait to hear about that deal!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting back to Wonderland

It has been a rough month for me. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and that includes blogging.

I want to thank all of my followers who have stuck with me, and did not stop following me in my absence. I would also like to thank everyone for their condolences, prayers, and pixie dust. Your kindness has made a difference in how this month could have played out.

I will be posting again in the next 48 hours. Be sure to stop by because I will be sharing some awesome Disney finds from my shopping trip this weekend, including some park exclusive merchandise found at a local NY non Disney outlet!