Whooo Arrre Yooooou?

I'm sure most of you are just as curious as the Caterpillar about who I am and why I started this blog.

Pull up the nearest mushroom, pour yourself a cup of tea, and allow me to introduce myself.

Around the internet I am known as Lady Hill. I have another established blog called From Lazy to Lady that you should definitely visit.

I am 32, married, and all of my children have paws. When not at Disney World,  I am planning other people's trips to Disney World and other magical destinations. I am OBSESSED with all things Disney.

I am the mommy to some special fur babies. Princess Jasmine is my special baby girl, I'm sure you'll see a lot of her. We also have 4 kitties: Petey, Bella, and the twins Alice & Dinah.

I have been a fan of "The Mouse" for as long as I can remember. I had a Mickey phone in my bedroom, and posters on my wall until I was old enough to replace them with pictures of the Backstreet Boys. Oddly enough, now that I'm even older, Mickey is back on my wall and the Backstreet Boys have been tucked away.

I introduced my husband to Disney World in December of 2008. We have been at least once a year since then and always have another trip on the horizon. This year (2015) we got to experience Disneyland for the very first time!

We collect pins, just saying the word makes my heart race, and vinylmations. I also collect anything Figment related. He and I are both 1982 babies and I feel a deep kindred connection with the little fella.

Friends and family always ask me trivia and advice questions regarding Disney, and now, you can too! Be sure to follow this blog and my twitter account for Disney updates, photos, merchandise and more. I'll be reviewing restraunts, discussing menus, park hours, and travel tips. I'll also be posting photos of my fabulous Disney finds in the "real world" and recipes and tips to help make your world between trips your very own Disney Wonderland.

Guest bloggers are welcome, and Disney related product reviews and giveaways will be considered as well. 

I hope you enjoy reading! Have a magical day!