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Disney's Art of Animation Resort Opens Today May 31, 2012 - Enjoy my not so sneak peek!

On May 14th I had the absolute pleasure of touring the Disney's Art of Animation Resort in Walt Disney World, Florida. The resort had not yet opened to the public so the tour was very special in deed. In honor of the Art of Animation Resort Grand Opening today May 31st, I would like to share some photos. We can call it a "not so sneak peek ;-)

This is a peek at the Little Mermaid section of the resort. I di dnot take these photos, they are from Disney but I didn't want to exclude this section from the post.
The family suites are absolutely amazing, but I know there are plenty of families like mine who don't need all of that extra room but would still like to stay at this new and awesome resort.
The Little Mermaid standard rooms are the perfect solution for those guests.

I did not get a chance to see the Lion King Family Suites section since it is not complete yet, but Disney has released some images of what those rooms are going to look like. I love how well Disney stuck to the them of each area, making each section feel like a different resort without totally taking away from the over all animation theme. Look at the shower wall! It's amazing.

The Cars Family Suites section is another area I did not get to tour up close. Disney has released some images of the rooms, and I was lucky enough to get close to the outdoor themed area. The photos of the room are from Disney, the photos from the outside are taken by me. 

I think it's amazing how well the outdoor areas transition into one another. Looking at the Cars section really made me feel like I was in Radiator Springs. I love that they have the characters there, in life size. I kept expecting them to start talking to us. I really felt like I was transported from central Florida to Route 66 in California.

Something else that I think is AWESOME is that the traffic cones that are part of the "motel" are actually pool cabanas. I love that they aren't just decoration, they serve purpose and allow guests more interaction with the scenary and theme of the resort.

Now on to the section of the resort I got a very good look at.... The Finding Nemo Family Suites Section!!
The collage to the left has a photo of the new Inova Beds that Disney is using in this resort while it is down as a table. The picture to the right of it lowered as a bed. The little orange plastic chairs around the table are light weight and stackable which makes the transition from table to bed nice and easy. The bed in the lower left corner is in the "master bedroom". The middle bottom picture is the overhead light in the rooms, and the bottom right corner is the end table with phone and Jelly fish themed lamp.
One of the awesome things about the suites
(I say awesome a lot, don't I??) is the little kitchenette area. It has a fridge, a sink, a coffee maker, and a microwave. The collage to the right shows the fridge while open and while closed to give you an idea of how much room you have.
The bottom left photo in the collage is of the tv and dresser as well as the area where you can hang your clothing and store items. The little bench seat opens up so you can place things inside. The photo in the bottom right corner is the sofa that folds out into a bed.
Something that familes will enjoy about the suites is that they have 2 bathrooms. One of them is themed in the animation fashion, I call that the "kids bathroom" even though it's the one I would choose to use. It has a single sink vanity, a toilet, hair dryer, and shower/tub combination. We were told during the tour that the shower curtains would be sold in the resort's gift shop. You know what that is? It's AWESOME. The "adult" bathroom is located off the master bedroom and has a very nice stall shower, toilet, and vanity.

The pool in the Finding Nemo section of the resort is the largest pool on Disney property outside of their water parks. It has a zero entry and there is underwater music/sound so that you can hear Nemo and his friends frolic along with you while you "just keep swimming". It is this kind of attention to detail that puts Disney leaps and bounds above the rest of the travel industry. There is a children's splash area as well as a play ground in the Finding Nemo section as well.
I wanted to just curl up and live in the playground. Squirt is just so cute, and the ground was so squishy soft. They almost had to drag me out out kicking and screaming!

Speaking of attention to detail, look at the landscaping!
Even the little grasses and bushes are meant to make you feel like you are under water with Crush, Nemo, Dory and pals... 

It really does feel like you jumped right into the movie with them.

If I had to choose a section for myself to stay in, I would have a hard time choosing between Cars and Finding Nemo. I think Nemo would win though, just because it's got the coolest pool I've ever seen and seriously, just look at Squirt's little face!

When you are done hanging out in the pool you can grab a drink at "The Drop Off" the pool bar/snack area. You could also grab a bite to eat at Landscape of Flavors which is a "create your own"  style food court.

The Pixel Play Arcade is designed for families to be able to spend time together with a neat little lounge in the front for parents to hang out in while the little ones go and play. Games for younger children will be closest to the lounge while games for the older children will be in the back.

Located directly across from the arcade is the Ink and Paint Shop where you can buy all sorts of fun resort specific and Disney World merchandise.
According to our tour, this is the first value resort to have resort specific clothing. They also have a ton of branded merch like pens, cups, and of course, pins! In fact, the Art of Animation logo with Crush that I use in the collages is the resort logo pin.

How cute are the cast member's costumes?! Love the use of color!

The soda selection at Landscape Cafe is large, but unfortunately does not include Cherry Coke. If you're like me, you know how hard it is to find Cherry Coke at Disney World. So far Pop Century is the only place I KNOW I can get it. I did notice that Art of Animation has Mellow Yellow so that's a fun option at least.
The Art of Animation Resort lobby is different from any other lobby at Walt Disney World. Instead of having one large check in desk/counter, they have implimented individual kiosks. They are hoping that this will enhance the guest/cast member interaction and help the guests feel more welcome and at home.

The art in the lobby is not to be missed. Even if you are not staying at this resort, I suggest you head over just to see the actual artist concept art and finished story boards from the movies the resort is themed around. The chandelier is an amazing piece of art all on it's own.

I hope you have enjoyed my cyber tour of Disney's Art of Animation Resort! If you were lucky enough to be at today's opening ceremony and would like to share some photos with me and my readers please send me an email. I'd love to share them!
LadyInWonderland (at) gmail (dot) com

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