Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrating Special Events at Disney World

Disney is a fabulous place to celebrate special occasions in your life. From birthdays, to anniversaries, and family reunions, Disney World has the perfect touches to make any occasion magical.

I have been lucky enough to celebrate my cousin's, my husband's and my mother's birthdays, my 3rd wedding anniversary, and next year my own 30th birthday while staying at the Walt Disney World Resort.

One of my favorite things is the cute buttons that that Disney provides to let the world know what you're celebrating. It's a nice easy way to let the cast members know that you're celebrating and they are very good about giving you a personal shout out when they see you. Even the bus drivers have a special way of greeting you and letting the other passengers know there are people celebrating on board.
Another thing I love about Disney, is that if you tell them you are celebrating something special when you make a dining reservation, sometimes they go above and beyond to make that dining experience extra magical.  For our anniversary, Le Cellier made our desserts extra special and added just a touch of pixie dust to my day. It wasn't something huge, but sometimes it's the little things in life that make the biggest smiles. On another trip where we were celebrating an anniversary, we were greeted at our table by a heart of Mickey pixie dust and 2 glasses of champagne.When we were celebrating my husband's birthday I was very happy to find out that I could purchase a cake for $10 to have delivered at the table during his birthday dinner. This was such a nice touch because I was worried that he wouldn't have a birthday cake, and since it was his 25th birthday, I didn't want him to miss out that family tradition. Look how happy he was! The restaurant also gave him that awesome chef's hat because it was birthday. He wore it for the rest of the night and kept it when we got home. Again, it's all about the little things that can help make a vacation a magical experience. If you don't want a whole cake, don't worry. Disney has some other tricks up their sleeve as well. When we went to another restaurant during my husband's birthday trip the server surprised us after our meal with this fabulous cup cake. We hadn't made a note on our dining reservation that it was his birthday, but when we had gone to guest services at the beginning of our trip to change another reservation, Lord Hill was wearing his birthday button and the cast member made a note on the rest of our dining reservations to let the staff know we were celebrating. It was a very nice surprise and still one of my favorite Disney desserts. Best part? It was free, as was the champagne I mentioned earlier.

An important thing that I need to mention, is that other than the cake, none of the surprises were expected, and they should NOT be expected in the future. They are nice magical touches that are special when they happen but please do not get upset if you do not experience the same magical moments on your trip.

Have you ever experienced a little extra pixie dust while celebrating at Disney?


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