Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saving Money AT Disney - Saturday Savings

Hello friends. A few Saturdays ago I posted about saving money in order to help get you TO Disney. This week I thought I'd share a fun easy tip that will help you save money while you are AT Disney.

If you have children, or like me are just a big kid at heart, you know how alluring and tempting all of those fabulous light up toys and gadets look once the sun goes down in the parks.

Even as an adult I can't help but want something that lights up while I'm watching the Main Street Electrical Parade. I can't see spending the money on those things though, bc I need to save my money for pins and Vinylmations. So, I found a cheap easy and surprisingly satisfying alternative.
I buy glow sticks at home and bring them with me. Bracelets, sticks, necklaces, they even have magic wands and princess crowns!
You can buy a pack of 15 bracelets at Target for just $1!

The large photo with the wands was found online, if it is your photo and you would like credit or would like me to remove it, please email me.

You can also order them online in bulk. One website I found sells 300 packs of 15 for just $32!

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