Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saving Money for Disney - Saturday Savings

One of the main ways I save money for Disney is to sit down and decide what us more important to me. Would I rather have a new $30 blouse or a few limited edition Disney pins? Would I rather eat at a fancy restaurant here, or my favorite restaurant in Disney? The answer is almost always Disney related. That doesn't mean I don't get new clothes, or eat out, it just means that I know when I can and need to scale back to reach my goals.

A fun, easy, and cheap way to save $40-$80 a month is to do at home manicures. You can save more or less depending on the local nail salon costs and the cost of the supplies you purchase.

My latest self done manicure...

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  1. I wish mine looked that good when I do them myself! Alas, they don't. And I'm too cheap to pay for them (although I do indulge in the occasional pedicure). =)