Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chef Duffy

Oh my goodness!! Have you guys seen this? I know that there are people who hate Duffy the Disney Bear. Honestly, once upon a time, I did too. However, I just can't deny how cute he is!

I am soooo upset that I will not be at the EPCOT international food and wine festival this year. This is the first time I am missing it since Lord Hill and I started going to Disney World.  Not only will I be missing out on whatever awesome pins they come up with...

But I won't be able to purchase this fabulous CHEF DUFFY, This makes me a very sad panda.

Look at his adorable chef hat and coat! Look at it's fabulous Food & Wine logo! And uh, yea, I guess the Aulani Duffy is cute too, but he's not Chef Duffy cute.

Photo originally posted on the DisneyParks blog.

Anyone going to the Festival who'd be willing to pick up a Chef Duffy and a Figment pin for me???? I'll be your best friend! I'd be happy to do a trade off for something from Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party if you want!

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