Saturday, September 10, 2011

Disney Flashback Friday

Who says flashbacks have to take you way back?  Let's just for a minute flash back to March 25th, 2011.

My mother's birthday. It was also about the date that would have marked the longest point of the life expectancy that her stage 4 cancer diagnosis had given her several months before. My husband, my father, my mother, and I celebrated all day. The first thing we did was the Characters in Flight balloon ride. Like my mother, I am terrified of heights so I was surprised that she said yes when I jokingly told her that was what we were doing for her birthday. I admired her strength and bravery then, and now I admire the insight, and thank her for that memory. Later that night we had dinner at Raglan Road Pub in Downtown Disney. We watched the step dancers, we listened to the music, we ate fabulous dinner, and had some drinks. We had a grand ol' time.

It was the perfect way to celebrate my mother's life. Her 67th and last birthday. She passed away 3 months and 4 days later. This will always be one of my favorite and most cherished memories and I am pleased that Disney is involved in it.

I made this collage using My Memories Suite V2.0. This page was made the very first time I used the program and I did not do any retouching just to show how easy it is to use. I did a review of this software in an earlier post. Click HERE to learn more and to enter to win a free copy of the software.


  1. Thanks for sharing your precious memories here. I have to admit that the tears are streaming while I am writing this. :) I am so blessed to have had my family members with me as long as I have, but my grandma just turned 95 and is facing lots of health problems. No matter how sad it makes me now, I know that the memories I have of her at Disneyland throughout my childhood will be the ones I cherish the most for the rest of my life. I'm so glad that you have this wonderful memory of your mom.

  2. What a wonderful way to remember your mother with something that scared both of you, but you both were able to concur together. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  3. You're too young to have to miss and mourn your mom. This is what we're supposed to do when we're much older. Very beautiful post and I'm glad that your memories of your beloved mom involve your favorite happy place, Disney. Hugs.