Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jim Lewis Fired From Disney Vacation Club

The Orlando Sentinel has confirmed the rumor that has been flying around message boards since last night.
Jim Lewis has indeed been let go from the Disney Company.
You can read the article here.

Jim Lewis had been the president of the Disney Vacation Club since 2006. According to the ever reliable internet message boards, it appears that many things may have contributed to his dismissal from the company.

The internet seems to think it was because of the mess up with Aulani. Disney apparently started selling the timeshare units before all of the paperwork was filed correctly and one can only assume that as the President of the division, Jim Lewis either knew about it and let it happen anyway, or didn't pay close enough attention and let it happen anyway.

Since I don't know him, or have any insider information, I will not be speculating as to why this happened.

The thing that really matters, is what happens next? Will this mean good things for DVC members and cast members who have demonstrated a decline in satisfaction over the past few years? Or does it just mean a new name/face with the same "problems"?

Disney says they will announce his replacement soon.

Do you think this is a good move on Disney's part? I'd love to hear your opinion and get feedback from other DVC members and Disney fans in general.

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  1. We became very familiar with Mr. Lewis and had a few dinners with him onboard the Disney Wonder. I'm not sure what happened but regardless that's between him and Disney. I will not speculate or pass judgement. I wish him and his family well.