Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop

While catching up on twitter and the blogs I follow I came across the Something About Me Saturday blog hop.

I thought this might be a great time to tell you a bit about myself and in order to keep myself from boring you to death, I'll only share a few tidbits a week. I love the idea of this hop and I'm excited to learn more about the bloggers behind the blogs I follow.

Let me start with why I haven't been blogging much lately... I've had a lot on my mind and have been spending a lot of time soul searching and quite honestly, hiding under the covers.

My mom is currently battling stage IV metastatic melanoma. This is the hardest and scariest thing that I have ever dealt with. I am so happy that I got to spend her birthday with her in Disney, even if we didn't make it to any of the parks. We rode the Characters in Flight balloon ride and while I was terrified, it was an amazing experience and I am so glad I got to do it with her.


  1. I'm so glad you found the hop and decided to join in! I'm your newest follower :-)

    What a wonderful experience it must have been to spend a birthday with your mom in Disney! I'll add her to my prayers, and you,m too of course!

  2. Hi Lady Hill...following you along the Saturday blog hop... I'm a dermatology nurse and a melanoma survivor; so I have a tiny inkling of what your family must be going through. Prayers and pixie dust to you!

  3. I will add you to my prayers. I found you on the blog hop and I am so humbled by your honesty.

    Leslie - One Year to Disney

  4. HI LADY Hill,
    I'm your newest follower, and I will be sending you and your family my prayers. Your honesty show how strong your are..I always wanted to do the characters in flight but am too scared.. stop by my blog to