Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walt Disney World February Atrractions Refurbishments and Closings

For those of you heading to Walt Disney World this month, here is a quick list of refurbishments and closings that you should be aware of so that you can plan accordingly. I wish I had looked into this a few years ago... Hubby and I put off riding Splash Mountain because I was terrified (it has since become one of my favorite rides) until our last day and were SO disappointed to see all the water drained and the ride closed for refurbishment. If I had known it would be closed we definitely would have ridden it earlier in our trip. I hope this list can help prevent a similar situation for you and your family. I will post this list every month.

  • Typhoon Lagoon

Shops and Restaurants:
  • Basin - closed through mid March
  • Tutto Italia - closed through April 30th
  • Innoventions (House of Innoventions)- closed through May 20th
  • Fantasmic - closed through February 12th
  • Magic Carpets - closed through March 11th
  • Big Thunder Mountain - closed through May 27th
  • Dumbo - closed through March 12th
  • Kali River Rapids - closed through February 9th
Will any of these refurbishments affect your vacation? Have you ever been disappointed by an unexpected ride/attraction refurbishment on a past trip?

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